About Us

The actual meaning of the word “ Bharat” is “ Bha” (भाः) or on “jyoti” or intense light and “ rat” (रतः) means to be persistent in Sadhana. It inherently means, the seeker of ultimate truth. So, the actual meaning of Bharat will be that country whose men are always engaged in the Sadhna of Param Brahma manifested as light of spiritualism.

Namasthe Bharat’s aim is to empower Indians with fact-led information on issues that matter to our society, but are either ignored or accepted with little questioning. Through this channel, we tackle every subject using extensive research. We aim to make politics/social issues easier to digest and fun to discuss – especially for the digital generation. This channel is primarily driven by Nationalism and Hindutva ideology

We raise critical social, political and environmental issues facing India and educate you on important things which matter in your life. Ground Reports from across the world will make you more aware and logical analysis will make you think more critically.